Dragons of Disney: The Reluctant Dragon


A wide variety of wondrous stories fill the Disney library. The one type of story that fills more of those catalogs than any other is by far that of magical fantasy. Filled with powerful and courageous beings and hallmarked with majestic castles, these types of stories have enthralled the minds of so many well before Walt drew his first cartoon or built his first theme park. Today, we begin taking a look at Disney’s take on one of those most fascinating aspects of the fantasy stories: the Dragon.

The Reluctant Dragon

In true Disney fashion, Walt’s studio decided to take the most recognizable fantastic beast and show it in a way few had ever seen it, including me. Though I have watched many Disney cartoons, movies and television shows in my lifetime, this was my first time viewing The Reluctant Dragon. I have seen many of the Disney films in my lifetime, but preparing for this series brought me somewhere new. And as someone who is fascinated by the history of Walt and his team, it was not a disappointment.

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Stan Lee’s Zodiac Legacy

Zodiac Legacy: Convergence
At 93 years young, Stan Lee has left an incomparable impression into the world of popular culture. Though he has told many great stories and crafted many great characters over the years, over this past year he’s broken some new ground with his novel trilogy, The Zodiac Legacy. Releasing under the Disney Books brand, the creator of Spider-Man and the Avengers, has brought a new team of young heroes to the world through his very first prose novels. That’s right, he’s still breaking new ground.

What is Zodiac Legacy?

The Zodiac Legacy series follows a Chinese-American teenager named Steven Lee as he stumbles into a strange conspiracy and odd beastly powers. After hearing sounds of agony coming from a secret passage, young Steven discovers a man trying to harness the power of the Chinese Zodiac. Soon, he finds himself stuck in the middle of a great clash between the strange man and a mysterious woman. As their terrifying battle rages around him, he’s drawn to a broken part of an ancient Zodiac wheel and finds himself imbued with the power of the Tiger and falling deeper into the struggle around him.

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The Disney Fab Five: Of Dawgs and Ducks

Like Mickey Mouse himself, the last two characters to make up the Disney Fab Five had to evolve a bit before they found their regular place. Goofy arrived first, but he wasn’t quite Goofy yet. Then Donald Duck graced the screen somewhere else before meeting up with his pal Mickey and beat the mouse to the punch of a milestone while he was at it! Today we’ll check out the arrival of these two and the completion of the eventual Disney Fab Five.

Dippy Dawg

Dippy Dog

We first meet the character who would be Goofy as an audience member in Mickey’s Revue that annoys other patrons with his very unique laugh. This laugh, of course, will be recognizable to anyone who watched Goofy growing up, be it old shorts or Goof Troop

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The Disney Fab Five: Musical Minnie and Plotting Pluto

Mickey, Minnie and Pluto in The Grocery Boy

Stalwart companions are an asset to any great man, or in this case mouse, and Mickey sure has a great cast of them. Two of his earliest companions, Minnie Mouse and Pluto the Dog, helped the main mouse along his earliest adventures and solidified themselves among the Disney Fab Five we continue to see captivating imaginations around the world.

“I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing, that it was all started by a mouse.” – Walt Disney

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Mickey Mouse and the White Gloves

Mickey Mouse with mirror


p style=”text-align:left”> I began this journey through the wonderful world of Disney, I struggled with where I should start. It would be incredibly easy to jump into the instant classics I had grown up with or go straight for the many park attractions. But looking at my MagicBand, the place to start became pretty obvious: Mickey Mouse.

It doesn’t take much of a Google search to discover Steamboat Willie as the debut of the world’s most famous mouse. However, that short was not the first to be produced featuring Mickey Mouse. Nor the second. In fact, Steamboat Willie was the third short produced with Mickey but it was the first to feature synchronized sound and thus find its way into distribution. This was a big goal for Walt Disney and it proved to be a major hit, propelling his new character quickly into the hearts of the public. But while this was the first cartoon to feature sound I discovered it lacked one thing most people recognize as a Mickey Mouse staple and even a Disney staple.

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