FastPass Attack! Maximizing the FP+ Updates

Disney has recently rolled out a few changes to the FastPass+ system. For most people, the biggest changes are the ability to skip the FP+ kiosks and book that extra FastPass from the My Disney Experience app and the ability to use that extra pass in a different park. However, during a recent visit I discovered that there is a deeper benefit for those wanting to maximize their time in the parks.

Maximizing FastPass+ Changes

Making FastPass Selections

  1. Book Only One FastPass – The FastPass+ system has retained the same limit of 3 initial passes inside a single park. But you don’t HAVE to book 3 passes. So, using the new ability to see and choose specific times, you should only book one and for the earliest time you can. For Epcot and Hollywood Studios, you can only use one Tier 1 pass PER DAY so if you have a must do available grab that one. If you are able to use the Single Rider lines at TestTrack or Expedition Everest, avoid booking these attractions.

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Beat the Heat At Walt Disney World

To most of the country, and a good part of the world, Florida is known for theme parks and a warm climate. Being unprepared for the weather can really burn your Walt Disney World vacation. So we put together some ways you can beat the heat on your Spring Break or Summer vacation. With these tips, you can fight against nasty burns, frustrated meltdowns, and even some health emergencies.

Beat the Heat Tips

Wear Light Clothing And Comfortable Shoes!

Beat the Heat With Comfy Custom Shirts

This is the easiest and best way to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the day. A good pair of breathable, comfortable shoes can make all the difference. Lightweight clothing can keep you from feeling weighed down as the day goes on. If you want to add a little Disney to your park attire, consider using printable transfers to add your favorite characters to comfy shirts.

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Tables In Wonderland – How It Can Save You Money

Tables In Wonderland

Dining at Walt Disney World can be one of the best parts of your trip and it can also be one of the most expensive. There are ways to curtail that, such as bringing in your own snacks, but at some point you’re going to have to (or want to) eat a meal in one of those fantastic sit down restaurants. After all, you’re on vacation, right? Today I will share with you one of the best-kept secrets at Walt Disney World – Tables In Wonderland.

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Fastpass+ – The Best Uses at Magic Kingdom

Fastpass+ Long Wait Times

Walt Disney World parks have notoriously long wait times for their most popular attractions. Here are some rides that we recommend obtaining a Fastpass+ for, as well as rides we opt for standby instead. Of course, you can only have 3 Fastpass+ to start. Once you’ve used your 3 Fastpass+, you may add one at a time at any Fastpass+ kiosk. Choosing wisely for your party will help you manage your time more efficiently.

Magic Kingdom- Best Uses of Fastpass+

under the sea

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean – Lines for this swashbuckling ride can get pretty long, and for good reason. The scenes inside are well done and the ride lasts a decent amount of time. Plus, it has just enough thrill for wimps like me who hate big drops.
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