Bucket List – Walt Disney World

Bucket List – Walt Disney World

Our Disney Bucket list

With four parks, twenty-eight resorts, and a variety of other activities on property, there is no shortage of things to do at Walt Disney World. Whether it is your first trip or your fiftieth, you can always put something new on your itinerary. I, myself, have been creating a list of all the experiences I wanted to get to since I was a kid. Now that I’m an adult, it just keeps growing. Today, I’m going to share the Disney bucket list I’ve built over the years plus a few extra items that others have shared with me.

Where Bucket List Dreams Come True

Disney Bucket List

Stay at All Three Resort Loop Resorts – As a kid, I would marvel at the three resorts along the Seven Seas Lagoon as we whipped through on the monorail. Attempting to fulfill this one over the last 25 years makes this one of my very first bucket list items. I was lucky enough to check the Polynesian off as a child but I still look at the Grand Floridian and Contemporary with those same wide eyes. The cost for them can be prohibitive with the cheapest rack rate coming in at $400 a night. With all three resorts now featuring Disney Vacation Club extensions, becoming a member could help cut the cost drastically but would come with a large up front purchase.

Keys to the Kingdom Tour – At $79 per person this comes in as one of the more reasonably priced options on this list(and there can be discounts!). You get to take a walk around the Magic Kingdom with a guide and learn all about classic attractions, Walt Disney himself, and even see the underground tunnels that keep the park magical. Though the price isn’t too bad, it can add up for larger parties and the 5 hours can take up a chunk of your vacation. It can be hard to fit in amongst all the other activities on your itinerary.

Backstage Magic Tour – Or you can go for the big monster tour! 4 parks and more! Lunch at a resort, speaking with the people behind the scenes that make Disney magic! But now the “reasonable” price tag of the Keys to the Kingdom goes up to $255 and the timeframe moves up to 7 hours over the one park version. This makes it pretty prohibitive for even a solo visit.

Cinderella’s Royal Table/Be Our Guest Dinner – While cost can be a factor for these two, getting the reservation can be a MUCH bigger one. Even living nearby where we can have flexibility on our day can still make these difficult to get into. I got lucky when booking for Cinderella’s Royal Table and we got to dine inside the castle! Now we just need to get inside Beast’s castle for dinner! growl

Dine with an Imagineer – This is actually one of the most reasonably priced dining packages out there and the fact that you get to meet someone from Imagineering is nothing short of fascinating. Personally, this is the one that made my list as soon as I heard about it. But the days and spaces are limited and it definitely isn’t for the whole family.

The Chef’s Table at Victoria & Albert’s, Grand Floridian Resort – 10-course, 3-hour, private, personalized dining at the most prestigious restaurant in Walt Disney World? Yes, please! The dining experience is literally just for your party of up to 10 because they will seat no one else. But $250 per person(plus an extra $105 if you want the wine pairing), can keep this on the list for a long time. Also a factor is making the reservation in the first place! Plan to jump in as soon as you can make reservations because there’s only one table for the whole evening and it’ll go quick.

And now the ones that need a little extra pixie dust!

Be the Family of the Day/Grand Marshall of a Parade – Some people have stories of how they got selected. Maybe they struck up a conversation with a cast member or had some stand out shirts like our friends at Ultimate Disney Adventures. No matter the way you get picked, this one is entirely out of your hands. There are opportunities every day to be a part of the show, but you’ll just have to hope for the best! I hear there’s some pretty good perks if you are selected, too.

Cinderella’s Royal Suite – But this is the ultimate bit of luck. This majestic hotel room tucked away in the towers of Cinderella Castle itself is only available to guests through a giveaway or special gift from Disney. As far as I can tell, the last giveaway was about a year ago to coincide with the live action Cinderella movie. The best chance at this would be to just keep your eyes peeled and your hopes up!

What’s on your Disney bucket list? Let us know in the comments below!

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