Disney Kingdoms: Haunted Mansion – Issue 2

Disney Kingdoms: Haunted Mansion – Issue 2

Haunted Mansion Issue 2

The current running Disney Kingdoms series, The Haunted Mansion, released its second issue last week. I reviewed Issue #1 last month and really enjoyed how it built suspense as well as tell inside jokes. The second issue takes that tone and shifts it to draw us deeper into the conflict within the mansion’s ghastly halls. Today, we meet new characters as we join the swinging wake.

Haunted Mansion – Issue #2

The first issue took about half its pages to get inside the mansion itself. Once inside, we were treated to some of the suspense that the early rooms of the Haunted Mansion ride builds for us. The second issue takes a bit more time in one particular part of the mansion: the Grand Hall.

Inside the vaulted room, we discover the type of revelry so many of us have seen from our Doombuggies. The swinging wake is well underway and we are introduced to a handful of familiar figures and learn a bit more about their predicament inside the mansion. Pickwick, known for hanging from the Grand Hall’s chandelier, takes on the roll of spokesman as he welcomes Danny into their grand party.

Pickwick in the Haunted Mansion Grand Hall

The friendly, if forgetful, haunt takes a quick shine to our young hero and takes in his story about the hunt for his grandfather. Though we don’t really learn more about Danny, we do get a little bit of insight into his grandfather through a brief flashback.

Along with some backstory for Danny, we are introduced properly to our seeming main antagonist, the Captain. We learn of his pirate story and his demise within the Haunted Mansion. I found myself disappointed with his story. With as many references to other park attractions that have been dropped prior to his story, I maybe expected a little connection to Pirates of the Caribbean but could find no link other than the fact that he was a pirate.

This issue seemed to lose the suspense of the first issue but that could be because, like the attraction itself, it moves from suspenseful to fun as it enters the Grand Hall. The second issue of Haunted Mansion does try to capture a lot of the Grand Hall’s characters and details while trying to drive the story.

The result, for me, doesn’t seem to capture what I enjoyed from the end of the first issue. There also seemed to be too many characters placed inside the Grand Hall that didn’t necessarily belong there. There are many unique characters within the Haunted Mansion attraction that may be tough to give proper time and so they tucked them into this scene but it just seemed a little crowded. The end twist, however, did leave me eager for issue 3.

The next issue hits shelves May 18, so when that comes out I’ll “hurry back” to join the happy haunts inside the Haunted Mansion once more! Be sure to bring your death certificate, if you wish to join us.

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