Disney Movie Club – Worth It?

Disney Movie Club – Worth It?

Disney movie club

You may have seen advertisements or deals from Disney Movie Club in the past. They offer a great starting investment of $1 for 4 movies. However, some balk at the idea of spending even more money to meet the commitment requirements. Today, we’ll discuss the requirements of the club and do a little math to help you determine if the investment works for you!

Small Initial Investment

Disney Movie Club has a very small investment of $1. You are even given the opportunity to order a bonus movie when you register, and that will count toward the commitment requirements (5 movies at regular club prices). If you order the bonus DVD or blu-ray at the discounted price, you will only need to purchase 4 more movies to meet your membership requirements. DVDs that are eligible start at 19.95, and eligible Blu-Rays start at 29.95.

Get A Second Movie At A Discounted Rate

When you order, you may be offered to add a second Blu-Ray for 40-60% off. This second movie will not count toward your commitment, but is a good idea if you are building a Disney movie library. However, when you are trying to meet your initial commitment, it may not be a great idea to order this second movie. When I was meeting my initial commitment, I ordered everything separate so it counted.

Disney movie club

Disney Movie Club: Featured Title

Every month, there is a featured title that you can either accept or decline. Often, this featured title is a pre-order of a movie that will be out on a later date. The featured title does count toward your movie club commitment, as long as it is 29.95 or more. They even offer combinations occasionally, where you may end up with 3 movies for about $45 when you order the featured title. This can be worth it if they are movies you are interested in anyway.

Get Codes, Earn Rewards

Each eligible movie in Disney Movie Club comes with a code that you can link with your Disney Movie Rewards account. You’ll be able to cash these in for rewards such as additional movies, Disney gift cards, figurines, and more! Additionally, if you order a movie that has a digital version, you will be able to take that movie with you anywhere through Amazon Instant Video and Disney Movies Anywhere.

Disney Movie Rewards

The Math Breakdown

What will the Disney Movie Club cost you, altogether, if you only order enough to meet your commitment?

The math below is not including shipping and handling, because shipping and handling may vary depending on how many movies you are ordering. Meeting your commitment gets you into VIP exclusive movie offers, pins, figurines, ornaments and more!

Disney Movie Club VIP Pins

Blu-Ray option:
$1 for initial 4 movies
$14.95 if you order the Bonus Movie upon sign-up
29.95 x 4 for each blu-ray toward your commitment

Final cost: $135.75 plus shipping and handling for 9 movies. This breaks down to $15.08 for each movie. This is a great price for blu-rays that are new releases and classic re-releases!

DVD option:
$1 for initial 4 movies
$14.95 if you order the Bonus Movie upon sign-up
$19.95 x 4 for each DVD toward your commitment

Final cost: $95.75 plus shipping and handling for 9 movies. That’s $10.63 per DVD which includes new releases and classic re-releases.

Overall, you should shop around. Disney Movie Club is a great deal on many blu-rays and DVDs, but we always cost-compare between Amazon and Disney Movie Club. Often, we get the better deal with Disney Movie Club!

VIP Disney Movie Club

In the comments section below, tell us if you are a Disney Movie Club member, and what your favorite movie is.

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