Disney Movie Rewards – How To Rack Up Points

Disney Movie Rewards – How To Rack Up Points

In a post not too long ago, we discussed the merits of Disney Movie Club. Today I’m going to tell you about Disney Movie Rewards, a program that can be used in conjunction with Disney Movie Club or on its own.

What is Disney Movie Rewards?

Every time you purchase a qualifying Disney blu-ray or DVD, you will receive a piece of paper inside the case with a code. If you purchase a blu-ray or DVD that also has a Digital option, the code is both your points AND your digital content code. Put your codes in to the website as you earn them, and you will eventually have enough to cash out for a $10 Disney giftcard, exclusive swag or even another movie! Those giftcards can come in handy, especially if you’re saving for a Disney vacation.

But, I hate clutter!

Hi, friend. I do, too. I own a tiny collection of Disney blu-rays, but the great thing is, through the magic that is Disney Movies Anywhere, you don’t have to have a physical copy to still earn points! Check out this list of Disney movies that you can purchase digitally! If the movie is eligible for points, you will see an icon below the buy button:

Disney Movie Rewards

This icon is letting you know that if you purchase the standard definition (SD), you will earn 100 Disney Movie Reward points. If you purchase the HD version of the movie, you will earn 150 Disney Movie Reward points. So, you don’t have to sacrifice shelf space to have an extensive Disney library, and the best thing about digital content through Disney Movies Anywhere is that you can take it ANYWHERE! That’s one less movie to pack for your next vacation, and one less disc that can become scratched.

More Ways To Earn Points

Once you’re a member, it may be tempting to ignore an e-mail from Disney Movie Rewards as just another promotional e-mail. However, you may be missing out on bonus points! Look for an icon similar to the one below:

Disney Movie Rewards Bonus Points

Save Disney movie tickets! By uploading a picture of your movie tickets, you can earn Disney Movie Reward points.

Disney Movie Tickets

Lastly, take surveys within your account. Disney Movie Rewards will credit you points for your time.

survey points

Earn points today

For a limited time, if you connect your Disney Movie Rewards account to Facebook, you will earn 25 points. You will have to enter in your login information. Upon login, you will see this message:

Disney Movie Rewards Bonus

You can also play the Disney Challenge there, which is a chance to earn even more points. Finally, you can enter exclusive sweepstakes on the Disney Movie Rewards Facebook page.

Overall, Disney Movie Rewards is worth having even for the most occasional movie buyers. The prospect of still earning points while remaining in the digital format is also an appealing aspect of the free membership.

Happy saving!

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