FastPass Attack! Maximizing the FP+ Updates

FastPass Attack! Maximizing the FP+ Updates

maximizing fastpass+ at disney world

Disney has recently rolled out a few changes to the FastPass+ system. For most people, the biggest changes are the ability to skip the FP+ kiosks and book that extra FastPass from the My Disney Experience app and the ability to use that extra pass in a different park. However, during a recent visit I discovered that there is a deeper benefit for those wanting to maximize their time in the parks.

Maximizing FastPass+ Changes

Making FastPass Selections

  1. Book Only One FastPass – The FastPass+ system has retained the same limit of 3 initial passes inside a single park. But you don’t HAVE to book 3 passes. So, using the new ability to see and choose specific times, you should only book one and for the earliest time you can. For Epcot and Hollywood Studios, you can only use one Tier 1 pass PER DAY so if you have a must do available grab that one. If you are able to use the Single Rider lines at TestTrack or Expedition Everest, avoid booking these attractions.

  1. Use Your App In Line – You don’t have to wait for that hour to be up! Once you’ve scanned your MagicBand at the FastPass+ entrance, jump on that MDE app and get looking for the next available option. New FastPass available for five minutes from now? Grab it and go once you’ve finished your current ride.

  2. Rinse And Repeat – OK, don’t rinse. That’s probably not a good idea. But the line sounded better. If you keep up #1 and #2, you can knock out a bunch of attractions in a relatively short amount of time.

  3. Take Time to Rest During Gaps – Of course, running this way could lead to gaps. Maybe all the remaining FastPasses left are for rides you aren’t wanting to do or have already been on. Take this time to catch your breath or grab a snack. Maybe take in one of the attractions or shows that don’t have FastPass service. Get off your feet in the Hall of Presidents or visit Ellen’s Energy Adventure to get out of the heat.

  4. Set Park Events Reminders – Walt Disney World has a variety of entertainment options out there that occur throughout their parks. Make sure to set reminders for these! If they’re part of your plans, that little reminder in MDE will be handy but if you they aren’t it is indispensable. It can be difficult rushing from attraction to attraction when a parade has you trapped on one side of the park. It’s easy to criss cross the Magic Kingdom hub until their afternoon show kicks off. Also, if you try to set a FastPass during these events you will get a warning about the potential conflict. Keep these things in mind to make your day efficient!

  5. FastPass Conflict

  6. Be Spontaneous! – That exclamation point was necessary. Working this way, you may find yourself able to sneak on busy rides but you may also completely miss out on them. You’ll have a lot more fun if you take your opportunities to enjoy yourself. Take the Jungle Cruise a couple times and see how a different skipper changes the experience! Take a moment to stop between FastPasses and take in other attractions like the aquariums after Seas with Nemo & Friends. The new FastPass+ system allows for more flexibility. Make the most of that!

Hopefully this helps you take a bit different approach to planning those FastPasses. Let us know how this works out for you and leave a comment below!

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