Future World – Day Tripping WDW

Future World – Day Tripping WDW

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For many planning a Walt Disney World vacation, a single park visit can take up an entire day. But for some of us, that can be just part of our day. Whether you have a dining reservation, need to go cool off from the Florida heat, or have a flight to catch, sometimes you just want to fit in as much park magic as you can in a short day trip. Today, I’m going to discuss experiences and tips for Day Tripping to Epcot’s Future World!

Day Tripping Future World

For a short day trip, Epcot can be quite wonderful. Because the park opens in sections, crowds tend to be a bit smaller to start the day. Also, there is currently only one ride in the World Showcase area, so you can knock out most (if not all) of the Future World rides by lunch! With the compact size of Future World, you could fit in quite a bit of magic before having to move on to your location. But if you’re not aware of some factors, your trip could be more frustrating than fun.

To start, the park tends to open about 15-30 minutes before the post time. But unless you really want to be the first person on Spaceship Earth, this doesn’t really factor into you getting in line for any rides early. Once you pass underneath Epcot’s giant sphere, you’re stopped from moving to the pavilions on either side of the park until it hits the posted opening time. If you’re itching to be at something quickly, you’ll have to wait by one of the cast member attended ropes.

Do NOT arrive hungry. If you don’t have a breakfast reservation, your options are extremely limited. Unless you’re cool with a donut and coffee, your only real option is three Starbucks breakfast sandwiches at Fountain View or a selection of sugary pastries. Sunshine Seasons, inside the Land pavilion, used to offer a quick service breakfast but now simply offers more pastries and more coffee. And of course there is the Joffrey’s kiosk just outside the gate where you can get even more pastries and coffee.


This depends on your plans for the rest of the day. If you’re looking to park hop, then I’d recommend booking passes for your second stop. But if you’re just looking to soak up as much Epcot as possible before heading off to dinner or home, then I have some FastPass tips for you.

Book It!:

TestTrack – Unless you can use the single rider line, this should be your Tier 1 pass.

Spaceship Earth – You can walk right onto it at opening, but if you do something else first you might find yourself with a wait time later.

Character Spot – Character lines fill up fast. If this interests you, book the FastPass. If not, you can use the third pass on literally anything else.

Stand-By It!:

Seas with Nemo & Friends – Indoor line with a pretty quick turnover.

Journey Into Imagination – This once favorite is not holding up well. You might be able to ride this by yourself.

The Land

If You Have Time!:

Living With The Land – This educational boat ride is a fantastic part of original Epcot and should be an easy walk on, but it can take up almost as much time as Spaceship Earth.

Ellen’s Energy Adventure – Nothing takes up time like this attraction. Clocking in at 45 minutes, this will suck up your morning. Do this on the way out if you have some time and want to cool off a bit.

Turtle Talk With Crush – This cool interactive show can also be a time consumer. If you ride The Seas and see a show is about to start, you might be able to sneak it in before your next stop. But waiting for the next show to start can easily double the time it takes.

Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival – Sensing a theme on these? This 4D series of shorts runs about 18 minutes. Content is fantastic, though. So, if you do have the time to kill, use it here.

Innoventions – There really isn’t much there that can be done quickly anymore. If you haven’t taken a look in awhile, I recommend taking a walkthrough so you can see what might be fun next time.

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros – This is a bit of a cheat. But this is right over the border into World Showcase and is currently the only ride over there. If you make a dash when the World Showcase opens, you might be able to get this boat ride out of the way before having to head off.

Need Lunch?

If you need a bit of food before hitting the road or the bus stops, Future World has some good quick options:

Sunshine Seasons

Sunshine Seasons – While this cafeteria in the Land pavilion stopped serving proper breakfast, it has no shortcomings for lunch offerings. You may spend more time looking at the menu than eating.

TasteTrack – Tucked near TestTrack, you can choose a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches.

Electric Umbrella – A few exotic and tasty selections are hidden under the shade of the neon overhangs here for lunch. The location also provides a great vantage point to people watch over Epcot’s main hub.

And then you’re off! With these tips and suggestions, you can maximize your magic before moving on to the next adventure.

What are your must do’s in Epcot’s Future World? Let us know in the comments below!

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