We’re Back Plus One (Huge Life Update)

We’re Back Plus One (Huge Life Update)

We haven’t blogged since May 2016. That’s 20 months! Almost, but thankfully not, a full two years. A lot has happened since my husband wrote about the Haunted Mansion Issue 3. To catch you up on our life update, I’ve composed some pictures from our lives from the past two years. I think the plan right now is that we will be blogging once a week. Writing is something that Corbitt really enjoys so we need to get back to that. As for me, I’ve got a sleeping three month old on my chest as I write this. She’s my #BloggingBuddy! This year, I’d like to bring in some of my Disney themed crafts to the blog. When I was pregnant, I just wanted to craft for the baby all of the time and I’d like to find more time to be able to do that!

Life really started changing in June 2016. Corbitt got a new job. I think this was the #1 thing that really led us away from the blog. In that same month, we moved into a new apartment. Moving is hectic! Getting the apartment furnished didn’t leave us with much energy or time to think about blogging. Moving is definitely NOT my favorite thing, although we will be doing it again shortly. More on that down below.

Life Update #1- We got married!

We got married -
Life Update

In August 2016, we got married. We totally just went to the courthouse. We threw around the idea of getting married at Disney. But, even the smallest wedding didn’t make sense because a great deal of his family is in Minnesota. To ask that many people to fly down for us just wasn’t realistic. Instead, we got married at the courthouse and then later had a nice meal with some friends. I found cakes that I found aesthetically pleasing, and also budget conscious, at Publix. I went to Etsy for the Disney cake toppers. The cakes were beautiful, functional. DELICIOUS and didn’t set us back hundreds of dollars. We did go to Disney for a couple days so we could cheese it up in our Disney “just married” shirts and ears.

Life Update #2- We had a baby!

we're expecting - Life Update

I knew I really wanted to have a family, but because of health problems I’d always been told it would be a long journey. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t. We started trying in January with some medical assistance and a little pixie dust. In February, I started taking tests and kept getting negative after negative. Our anniversary is February 13th, which was a Monday. We decided to do Disney the weekend leading up to that Monday. I rode a ride I hadn’t ridden before- Big Thunder Mountain. Heights, falling and rollercoasters really freak me out but I really wanted to give it a try at least once. You will NOT catch me giving a try to any of the other mountains. The Monday following our trip, I took “just one more” pregnancy test and was shocked to see a positive. I woke up Corbitt by asking him if he saw the line. He said yes, then he went back to sleep. To be fair, it was 5 am. I was so happy, but also terrified that something bad might happen so I wanted to wait to announce the pregnancy. We let Mickey Mouse do the honors!

disney nursery - Life Update

My due date was October 27th. I started nesting hardcore around week 30. It was like a switch went off and EVERYTHING had to be built. I’ll do a post with a nursery tour at a later date. This is only her first nursery, and everything will have to be redone when we move.

Lucy's First Halloween Disney Trip collage - Life Update

On October 13th (Friday the 13th!) they started inducing me. Lucy was born October 14th, 2017 at 7:26 p.m. She was 7 lbs 8 oz. Of course we took her to Disney as soon as we could. Her first trip she was dressed as Snow White for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at two weeks old. I made Corbitt and I matching Halloween shirts. She was so good, even during the noisy parade, stage show and fireworks. Nothing bothered her. People kept commenting that they couldn’t believe we brought such a tiny baby out- that we were brave- but honestly, once we were there, it wasn’t that big of a deal. Pictured are Lucy’s first time on the ferry, her first parade, first halloween costume, first visit buttons, first castle photo, and a picture before her first ride- It’s a Small World. Corbitt has been really amazing at rocking the baby gear whether it be the stroller, the Tula or both!

lucy's first christmas collage - Life Update

Lucy’s first Christmas ornament was an It’s a Small World hat that I personalized with my Cricut machine and some vinyl. I’m hoping to continue the tradition of my childhood in which I got a new ornament every year. Some hitchhiking ghosts found our stroller as well, just in time for the Christmas party. We managed to spend Christmas Eve at Hollywood Studios and Christmas day at Epcot. Hollywood Studios and Epcot never felt unreasonably crowded to us the way that Magic Kingdom would have felt. We dined all meals at our favorite restaurant- Olivia’s at Old Key West resort. One of my favorite parts about staying in a resort for Christmas was seeing the decorations people put out on their doors. On the way to the elevator, we passed a door that had a joke of the day every day.

Life Update #3- We bought a house!

lucy winter - life update

This last collage is from our New Years trip to Minnesota to see family AND our new house! It’s bittersweet to move from Florida. I’ve always wanted to leave the state because it gets super humid during the summer… and summer is all the time. My husband always wanted to be closer to family. So we’re getting some major life upgrades with this move, but also losing our status as Florida residents. We will no longer be able to just hop in the car and drive an hour and a half to Disney just to see fireworks or have a nice dinner. We will be joining the ranks of those who need to plan and save for their Disney vacation. We are Disney Vacation Club members so we know we will definitely be returning for vacations. For now, we will figure out how to bring the mouse into our everyday lives.

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