Standing In Long Lines – 11 Things To Do

Standing In Long Lines – 11 Things To Do

things to do standing in a disney line

Although we don’t wait in long lines very often, we realize that others will, especially if you can’t get a Fastpass+ for a ride with a notoriously long standby wait like Toy Story Midway Mania. Here are some things you can do to pass the time while standing in long lines.

Top 11 Things To Do While Standing In Line at Walt Disney World

  1. Take in the scenery. Many of the line waits have things to look at and interact with. For example, Under the Sea- Journey of the Little Mermaid has a tiny interactive crab that will follow you through the outside wait queue. Haunted Mansion has many tombstones to read. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh has things to play around with in line, and Peter Pan has bedroom scenes set up in the inside standby area.

  1. Play a game, like Heads Up, or a Disney trivia game on your phone. Or, for a low tech time passer, play I Spy with your party members.

  2. standing in lines disney triviadisney trivia

  3. Use the Disney Experience app to set up dining reservations, look at menus, check parade and showtimes, look at ride photos, reserve fastpass+ attractions, and check standby times at your next location.

  4. Take this opportunity to have a snack and rehydrate.

  5. Clear off the photos on your phone by syncing them to a service like Dropbox or Google Drive. This way, you’ll have room for even more photos!

  6. Browse the Shop Parks app, and send purchases to the front of the park, as long as it’s more than three hours before park close.

  7. shop parks app

  8. Enjoy the downtime by looking for Hidden Mickeys. They’re everywhere!

  9. Talk to the people you’re with, or the people around you. If you’ve got a bad case of stranger danger, just observe those around you.

  10. Research the history of the ride you’re about to get on.

  11. Watch a movie on Disney Movies Anywhere. This will most likely require a good set of headphones.

  12. Sort your Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom cards into groups that you want to play together.

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