Disney Movie Rewards – How To Rack Up Points

In a post not too long ago, we discussed the merits of Disney Movie Club. Today I’m going to tell you about Disney Movie Rewards, a program that can be used in conjunction with Disney Movie Club or on its own.

What is Disney Movie Rewards?

Every time you purchase a qualifying Disney blu-ray or DVD, you will receive a piece of paper inside the case with a code. If you purchase a blu-ray or DVD that also has a Digital option, the code is both your points AND your digital content code. Put your codes in to the website as you earn them, and you will eventually have enough to cash out for a $10 Disney giftcard, exclusive swag or even another movie! Those giftcards can come in handy, especially if you’re saving for a Disney vacation.

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Disney Movie Club – Worth It?

You may have seen advertisements or deals from Disney Movie Club in the past. They offer a great starting investment of $1 for 4 movies. However, some balk at the idea of spending even more money to meet the commitment requirements. Today, we’ll discuss the requirements of the club and do a little math to help you determine if the investment works for you!

Small Initial Investment

Disney Movie Club has a very small investment of $1. You are even given the opportunity to order a bonus movie when you register, and that will count toward the commitment requirements (5 movies at regular club prices). If you order the bonus DVD or blu-ray at the discounted price, you will only need to purchase 4 more movies to meet your membership requirements. DVDs that are eligible start at 19.95, and eligible Blu-Rays start at 29.95.

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