Dragons of Disney – Maleficent

Dragons of Disney

Today, Disney’s feature film library offers a wide variety of worlds, characters, and stories. When the first of Disney’s Dragons made his “reluctant” appearance, that library consisted of only four films, with two being made up of short vignettes. Before reaching their second iteration of the majestic beasts, the studios added quite a bit more to that library. The twentieth animated feature, and fortieth overall Disney feature, brought us to meet the second of the great Disney Dragons. And she’s even still hanging about.

Maleficent, Mistress of All Evil and Second of Disney’s Dragons

The second Dragon of Disney is quite a departure from her predecessor. For one, she’s not purely a dragon. By now there are a few different stories about what or who Maleficent is but for the sake of this series we’re sticking to the animated features (with just one little exception). So today we’ll just focus on her role in the 1959 film Sleeping Beauty.

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Stan Lee’s Zodiac Legacy

Zodiac Legacy: Convergence
At 93 years young, Stan Lee has left an incomparable impression into the world of popular culture. Though he has told many great stories and crafted many great characters over the years, over this past year he’s broken some new ground with his novel trilogy, The Zodiac Legacy. Releasing under the Disney Books brand, the creator of Spider-Man and the Avengers, has brought a new team of young heroes to the world through his very first prose novels. That’s right, he’s still breaking new ground.

What is Zodiac Legacy?

The Zodiac Legacy series follows a Chinese-American teenager named Steven Lee as he stumbles into a strange conspiracy and odd beastly powers. After hearing sounds of agony coming from a secret passage, young Steven discovers a man trying to harness the power of the Chinese Zodiac. Soon, he finds himself stuck in the middle of a great clash between the strange man and a mysterious woman. As their terrifying battle rages around him, he’s drawn to a broken part of an ancient Zodiac wheel and finds himself imbued with the power of the Tiger and falling deeper into the struggle around him.

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