Fastpass+ – The Best Uses at Magic Kingdom

Fastpass+ Long Wait Times

Walt Disney World parks have notoriously long wait times for their most popular attractions. Here are some rides that we recommend obtaining a Fastpass+ for, as well as rides we opt for standby instead. Of course, you can only have 3 Fastpass+ to start. Once you’ve used your 3 Fastpass+, you may add one at a time at any Fastpass+ kiosk. Choosing wisely for your party will help you manage your time more efficiently.

Magic Kingdom- Best Uses of Fastpass+

under the sea

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean – Lines for this swashbuckling ride can get pretty long, and for good reason. The scenes inside are well done and the ride lasts a decent amount of time. Plus, it has just enough thrill for wimps like me who hate big drops.
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Rope Drop At Magic Kingdom – 5 Pros and 1 Con

When I visited Walt Disney World as a kid I would wake up excited and ready to rush off to the Magic Kingdom as soon as possible. As an adult, even as a big Disney fan, it can be tough to bring that same enthusiasm early in the morning. But today I’m going to give a handful of fantastic reasons why you should guzzle a cup of coffee and get to the gates early for rope drop, and one reason to avoid it.

Walking Down Main Street

Rope Drop Pros

  1. Welcome Show – Mickey and friends, including the citizens of Main Street, U.S.A., dance and sing to start the day at the Magic Kingdom up on the railroad platform. Every day a “featured family” is chosen to join the characters on the train and even gets a special introduction from the Mayor of Main Street. The joyful songs and a little bit of pyrotechnics give you a fun start to the continuous show of the park.

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Elliot – Dragons of Disney


The fourth dragon in the Disney library took on a much larger role than his predecessors. Technically, this dragon comes from a live action film but the character himself is a piece of classic Disney animation. He is a main protagonist through the film which is even titled after his role. Today, Elliot the dragon remains one of Disney’s most recognizable dragons, but he was introduced to the world as simply Pete’s Dragon.

Pete’s Dragon, Elliot

Elliot first “appears” in a completely live-action sequence. As a dragon that can turn invisible, we first see him being prodded by the young orphan Pete who appeared to be floating through the air. As the boy was being chased by the Gogans, Pete’s horrid foster family, Elliot was carrying the boy to safety.

Elliot the Dragon

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SOTMK – 12 Tips & Tricks

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, also known as SOTMK, is an interactive card game at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, and is a free and addictive attraction. Sometimes we head over to Magic Kingdom JUST to play SOTMK. Today we’d like to share some tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way.

SOTMK recruiting

    Things We’ve Learned While Playing SOTMK

  1. Every member in your party (even non-players) can get a free pack of cards each day after entering the park.
  2. You must open your last portal before picking up your daily free pack of cards. Don’t remember which portal you ended at last time? Simply open ANY portal and it will show you which portal you should go to. It is noteworthy that some cast members only require you open any portal before getting your free deck of cards, whereas others will send you away until you’ve opened the portal you ended at last time. We’ve had mixed results.
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