Haunted Mansion – Issue 1

Earlier this month, Marvel Comics released the first issue of the new Haunted Mansion mini-series. This will be the latest installment in the Disney Kingdoms line which tells stories inspired by a variety of Disney Parks, even drawing from concepts that never made it to the public. Over five issues, author Joshua Williamson and artist Jorge Coelho will take us inside the doors of one of Disney’s most beloved attractions.

Haunted Mansion #1 Review

Haunted Mansion Issue #1 Cover

As you can tell by the cover, the Disneyland version is used for the exterior. With the two rides being nearly identical in content, this should not affect the enjoyment by anyone only familiar with the Walt Disney World version.


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Figment – Dragons of Disney

Disney’s fifth dragon is a bit of a departure from the others. Though Madame Mim had one of the shortest spans of time on film, this next fellow has virtually no screentime whatsoever. And yet despite that, he’s become one of Disney’s most consistent performers over the last thirty-plus years and an icon of Walt Disney World. He is, of course, the lovable Figment.

There, Voila, You’ve Got A Figment

Towards the back of EPCOT Center’s Future World stands the Imagination Pavilion. Inside the original Journey Into Imagination ride back in 1983, a man known simply as the Dreamfinder sought to show audiences the power of our own creative sparks. To help guide us through this journey, he creates one of his favorites figments of imagination, mixing two tiny wings, big yellow eyes, horns of a steer, childish delight, and royal purple pigment. What we get is the fifth Disney Dragon.


For about sixteen years, Dreamfinder and Figment would have visitors humming along to their song “One Little Spark” and the purple dragon propelled into stardom. Our joyful, little Figment became a symbol of EPCOT Center. But he became a victim of progress in the late 90s.

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Stan Lee’s Zodiac Legacy

Zodiac Legacy: Convergence
At 93 years young, Stan Lee has left an incomparable impression into the world of popular culture. Though he has told many great stories and crafted many great characters over the years, over this past year he’s broken some new ground with his novel trilogy, The Zodiac Legacy. Releasing under the Disney Books brand, the creator of Spider-Man and the Avengers, has brought a new team of young heroes to the world through his very first prose novels. That’s right, he’s still breaking new ground.

What is Zodiac Legacy?

The Zodiac Legacy series follows a Chinese-American teenager named Steven Lee as he stumbles into a strange conspiracy and odd beastly powers. After hearing sounds of agony coming from a secret passage, young Steven discovers a man trying to harness the power of the Chinese Zodiac. Soon, he finds himself stuck in the middle of a great clash between the strange man and a mysterious woman. As their terrifying battle rages around him, he’s drawn to a broken part of an ancient Zodiac wheel and finds himself imbued with the power of the Tiger and falling deeper into the struggle around him.

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