Restaurant Marrakesh – Disney Dining Review

As a kid, Epcot’s Future World filled me with a sense of wonder. Now that I’m an adult, World Showcase grabs more of my attention and the sheer amount of dining options plays no small part in that. Recently we visited the heart of Morocco and had a quick dinner at Restaurant Marrakesh.

Restaurant Marrakesh

If you still feel like you’re in Central Florida by the time you reach the Morocco Pavilion near the back of World Showcase, that will be forgotten when you enter Restaurant Marrakesh. You will find yourself winding through the recreated pathways all the way to the back of the pavilion where the restaurant is located.

Once you’re seated inside, you’re transported even further. The intricately decorated dining room transports you even further away with their vibrate carpeting and the beautiful hanging lights. But it won’t be long before your eyes drift off the architecture to the live music and belly dancer performing near the center of the floor.

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Figment – Dragons of Disney

Disney’s fifth dragon is a bit of a departure from the others. Though Madame Mim had one of the shortest spans of time on film, this next fellow has virtually no screentime whatsoever. And yet despite that, he’s become one of Disney’s most consistent performers over the last thirty-plus years and an icon of Walt Disney World. He is, of course, the lovable Figment.

There, Voila, You’ve Got A Figment

Towards the back of EPCOT Center’s Future World stands the Imagination Pavilion. Inside the original Journey Into Imagination ride back in 1983, a man known simply as the Dreamfinder sought to show audiences the power of our own creative sparks. To help guide us through this journey, he creates one of his favorites figments of imagination, mixing two tiny wings, big yellow eyes, horns of a steer, childish delight, and royal purple pigment. What we get is the fifth Disney Dragon.


For about sixteen years, Dreamfinder and Figment would have visitors humming along to their song “One Little Spark” and the purple dragon propelled into stardom. Our joyful, little Figment became a symbol of EPCOT Center. But he became a victim of progress in the late 90s.

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Accessibility at Walt Disney World – Epcot

Getting around Walt Disney World in a wheelchair is a unique experience. If you’re like me, and only had to be in a wheelchair due to injury, or if you sport wheels all year long, accessibility is definitely a question you may have when it comes to many of the rides there. While some rides have special cars for wheelchairs, others require a transfer. Today we look at four rides at Epcot which all offered the ability to remain in your wheelchair.


#1- Ellen’s Energy Adventure

This 45 minute Future World ride is accessible by wheelchair. At the back of each ride vehicle is a special compartment. A cast member will lower the ramp and get you situated. Other party members may join you in the back row of the vehicle by going around. If you have a backpack or anything slung over the back of your chair, they will have you remove it to close the door. When the ride is over, a cast member will once again open the ramp and walk you backwards. All in all, I felt very secure riding in this car.

Our accessibility score: 5/5

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