Skipper Canteen – Disney Dining Review

The Magic Kingdom is the world’s busiest theme park but up until recently the variety of dining options have been limited to mostly quick service locations and character meals. Recently, Disney is making efforts to not only add more restaurants but more variety to the types of cuisine offered. One of the more unique additions is the Jungle Cruise themed Skipper Canteen. After a lengthy journey through exotic rivers, we stepped off the boat and into the canteen for lunch.

Skipper Canteen Lunch Review

Skipper Canteen Entrance

The first thing a Disney parks fan notices about the Skipper Canteen is the theming. Like the ride it is based on, the restaurant is under the banner of the Jungle Navigation Company and the wait staff is dressed much like their seafaring counterparts on the other side of Adventureland. Also, like their friends from the ride, they are armed with some over the top jokes.

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Yak & Yeti – Disney Dining Review

Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom spans the most acres of any Disney park in the world. Despite this, it contains very few table service dining options. Recently, I visited one of these limited restaurants. Just past the Tree of Life and under the shadow of Expedition Everest is the two story Yak & Yeti restaurant where I discovered one of the most diverse menus on property.

Yak & Yeti Lunch Review

With rain pouring down on Animal Kingdom, I pushed in to the tight lobby of the Yak & Yeti. The little room was packed with people trying to avoid the downpour, preventing me from getting much of a first impression and even nearly missing our table call amongst all the noise. Once inside, I was treated to the eclectic theming of the restaurant.

Yak & Yeti InteriorMore Yak & Yeti Interior

Like so much of Animal Kingdom, you feel transported across the world as you dine at Yak & Yeti. The variety of knick knacks displayed throughout the restaurant mixed with the splashes of clashing colors take you south of the replicated mountain into an Indian residence. If it weren’t for the loyalty program advertisement on the table, you could feel entirely swept away in the theming.

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Restaurant Marrakesh – Disney Dining Review

As a kid, Epcot’s Future World filled me with a sense of wonder. Now that I’m an adult, World Showcase grabs more of my attention and the sheer amount of dining options plays no small part in that. Recently we visited the heart of Morocco and had a quick dinner at Restaurant Marrakesh.

Restaurant Marrakesh

If you still feel like you’re in Central Florida by the time you reach the Morocco Pavilion near the back of World Showcase, that will be forgotten when you enter Restaurant Marrakesh. You will find yourself winding through the recreated pathways all the way to the back of the pavilion where the restaurant is located.

Once you’re seated inside, you’re transported even further. The intricately decorated dining room transports you even further away with their vibrate carpeting and the beautiful hanging lights. But it won’t be long before your eyes drift off the architecture to the live music and belly dancer performing near the center of the floor.

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