Zootopia – Spoiler Free Review

ZootopiaZootopia hit theaters March 4, 2016. After seeing the preview at One Man’s Dream at Hollywood Studios less than a month ago, we were very excited to see this movie. Statistics for Friday showed that the movie brought in 19.5 million dollars! We went on opening night, to the last showing, and it did not disappoint.

Zootopia is set in a society filled with an anthropomorphic cast of characters living in harmony. In Zootopia we see predators and prey living and working side-by-side. Unlike many movies, Zootopia had many funny moments that were not seen in the previews and trailers. Even though we saw a lengthy preview of it before, there was so much storyline left that we couldn’t have even guessed at. The main characters, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, are dynamic characters which can make you really buy into the storyline, and invest yourself in wanting to see them succeed. There are so many relatable experiences to keep you invested in all of the major plotlines, as well as the minor plotlines. Even a character that we saw over and over during the previews, Flash at the DMV, is so much more than a slow sloth. He’s the embodiment of an experience at the DMV that almost all adults have experienced at one time or another.

Flash the sloth

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Restaurant Marrakesh – Disney Dining Review

As a kid, Epcot’s Future World filled me with a sense of wonder. Now that I’m an adult, World Showcase grabs more of my attention and the sheer amount of dining options plays no small part in that. Recently we visited the heart of Morocco and had a quick dinner at Restaurant Marrakesh.

Restaurant Marrakesh

If you still feel like you’re in Central Florida by the time you reach the Morocco Pavilion near the back of World Showcase, that will be forgotten when you enter Restaurant Marrakesh. You will find yourself winding through the recreated pathways all the way to the back of the pavilion where the restaurant is located.

Once you’re seated inside, you’re transported even further. The intricately decorated dining room transports you even further away with their vibrate carpeting and the beautiful hanging lights. But it won’t be long before your eyes drift off the architecture to the live music and belly dancer performing near the center of the floor.

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