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Madame Mim

Walt Disney built a pop culture cornerstone using the timeless fantasy classics. However, the great dragon featured very little during Walt’s lifetime. The first two dragons featured for only a handful of minutes in their features and not until the very end. The last dragon to appear during Walt’s lifetime not only continued this trend but took it to extremes. Madame Mim may now be Disney’s forgotten dragon.

Madame Mim – Magnificent, Marvelous, Mad

Our third dragon appears in the 1963 film, The Sword and the Stone. The storyline was a bit of a departure as it did not feature a progressing plot line so much as unique characters and cute songs to drive the story. One of those unique characters ended up being the Magnificent, Marvelous, Mad Madame Mim.

madame mim

Madame Mim, like Maleficent before her, is a woman that uses magic to transform herself. As she begins a wizarding duel with Merlin, she sets out the rule that neither could become a dragon. But Madame Mim is all about the bad and once she’s in trouble the rules go out the door. And that’s when we’re graced with our third Dragon of Disney. For eighty seconds.

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