Our Best Trip Tips!

Be Prepared For Your Walt Disney World Trip!

It’s that time of year here in Florida where the sun seems to make its presence the most known. Of course, that’s also when many are planning trips to Walt Disney World. So, with summer coming I thought I would round up some of our best tips for battling back against the elements of Florida!

Our Best Trip Tips!

Over the past few months, we’ve tried to share as many of our favorite tips and tricks for the parks. Now that we’re coming around to peak season it seems like a great time to share them again.

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Rope Drop At Magic Kingdom – 5 Pros and 1 Con

When I visited Walt Disney World as a kid I would wake up excited and ready to rush off to the Magic Kingdom as soon as possible. As an adult, even as a big Disney fan, it can be tough to bring that same enthusiasm early in the morning. But today I’m going to give a handful of fantastic reasons why you should guzzle a cup of coffee and get to the gates early for rope drop, and one reason to avoid it.

Walking Down Main Street

Rope Drop Pros

  1. Welcome Show – Mickey and friends, including the citizens of Main Street, U.S.A., dance and sing to start the day at the Magic Kingdom up on the railroad platform. Every day a “featured family” is chosen to join the characters on the train and even gets a special introduction from the Mayor of Main Street. The joyful songs and a little bit of pyrotechnics give you a fun start to the continuous show of the park.

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