Backpack Talk – What’s Inside Ours?

Backpack Talk – What’s Inside Ours?

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Usually when we go to Walt Disney World, it’s just for the day. Being an hour and a half drive away from the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, or Animal Kingdom has its perks! And since we don’t have children, what we pack in our backpack is only for us. Here are some things that we pack that may make your day at the parks more enjoyable.

    Our Must-Have Backpack Items

  1. The best thing we’ve found so far are Stanley thermos’. I am not kidding when I say that we can put ice in in the morning, and have ice at the end of the day. Solid ice. It may melt a little if we’re opening it and exposing it to the heat often, but it’s worth it. We bought ours at Target, but Amazon has them here. These are a must pack, especially during the summer months.
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  3. Sunscreen, including a sunscreen infused lip balm. Apply liberally and often. There are many things you may want to bring home from Disney World, but a peeling sunburn as a free souvenir is not one of them.
  4. Water bottles. We fill ours up at the water fountains throughout the park. You can also get a cup of ice water for free at almost every quick service restaurant, and at sit down dining restaurants. We just don’t like waiting, or paying for this necessity. If you don’t like the taste of fountain water, pack a portable flavor like a Mio to add to the water. Either way, staying hydrated is key!
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  6. Pack granola bars, fruit, cereal, etc. Anything portable. That dinner reservation in 4 hours doesn’t feel like that long of a wait when you make the reservation, but with the amount of walking and calorie burning you do during the day you’ll feel the rumbling sooner rather than later. Stave off the urge to stand in a line to buy a ginormous sundae or overpriced snack.
  7. Ponchos. Seriously. Go buy a $3 quality poncho before your trip. If you don’t, you may spend more than $10 to buy a thin one in the park. These can also make great separators if you’re worried about your water bottles being next to anything else in your bag.
  8. Pain relievers or any medications that you may need during the day. Don’t let a headache ruin your day of magic.
  9. Tide stick. You will be relieved to have had the foresight to pack a Tide stick in your backpack when your gelato in Epcot’s Italy pavilion drips down the front of your shirt. (This really happened!) It may not completely remove the stain, but it can prevent it from setting in too badly. This can save you from having unsightly stains in your photos!
  10. Phone chargers. There are many places throughout the park to plug in your phone. Even if you don’t need to plug in after taking 100s of photos, it is still nice to have the option, and also useful for charging in the car afterwards. There are even portable battery powered chargers for charging your phone when it dies during a photo taking spree in the middle of Fantasmic! (Also really happened)
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  12. Finally, make sure your backpack has some form of padding on the shoulders. I see people walking around all day with drawstring backpacks, and while they may be alright for some, they can definitely dig into your shoulders by the end of the day.

That’s it! Sometimes we’ll pack other things depending on our current needs. For example, we may pack a portable fan during the summer heat or a sweater for the winter winds. The key is to think about any situation that might cause you discomfort during the day, and try to pack for it. You’ll be glad you did.

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