Zootopia – Spoiler Free Review

Zootopia – Spoiler Free Review

ZootopiaZootopia hit theaters March 4, 2016. After seeing the preview at One Man’s Dream at Hollywood Studios less than a month ago, we were very excited to see this movie. Statistics for Friday showed that the movie brought in 19.5 million dollars! We went on opening night, to the last showing, and it did not disappoint.

Zootopia is set in a society filled with an anthropomorphic cast of characters living in harmony. In Zootopia we see predators and prey living and working side-by-side. Unlike many movies, Zootopia had many funny moments that were not seen in the previews and trailers. Even though we saw a lengthy preview of it before, there was so much storyline left that we couldn’t have even guessed at. The main characters, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, are dynamic characters which can make you really buy into the storyline, and invest yourself in wanting to see them succeed. There are so many relatable experiences to keep you invested in all of the major plotlines, as well as the minor plotlines. Even a character that we saw over and over during the previews, Flash at the DMV, is so much more than a slow sloth. He’s the embodiment of an experience at the DMV that almost all adults have experienced at one time or another.

Flash the sloth

Zootopia – More Than Just Entertainment

There are many subtle lines in the movie for adult movie goers, while also keeping it clean enough for the youngest of fans. The plot doesn’t rely on cheap jokes or toilet humor to move the story along. Simply put, Zootopia is risk-taking, well animated, and touches on social issues such as corruption and prejudice. These are concepts that children should be exposed to as early as possible, and incidental learning through socially responsible animation gives them the opportunity to learn a lesson that may stick with them for life.

After leaving the theater and returning home, we made sure to submit our movie tickets to Disney Movie Rewards for points. The next step for these newly converted Zootopia fans? Ordering the Disney Infinity Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, and Zootopia power discs!

We just wish there were a Zootopia set rather than just Zootopia character figures. However, we are sure that user submissions will be fun to play. Look for #ZootopiaChallenge in the Disney Infinity Toy Box!

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